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It is possible to apply for permanent residency under the Skilled Worker Category. If successful, you are granted permission to live and work lawfully anywhere in Canada, and you will have access to various social programs within the country.

A “Skilled Worker” is an individual whose education and work experience will help him/her find work and make a home as a permanent resident in Canada. Applying under this category is not difficult.

To determine your eligibility to apply as a Skilled Worker, you must:

  • Meet the minimum work experience requirements:
    You can check the Canadian National Occupation Classification Matrix to see if your experience qualifies you to immigrate to Canada as a Skilled Worker. Please note that jobs on the list of restricted occupations cannot be used as work experience in your application.
  • Prove you have the funds required for setting in Canada:
    You must have enough funds to sufficiently support your family for at least six months following you arrival in Canada.
  • Earn enough points to receive a pass mark in the Six Selection Factors:
    Applicants will be assessed by six selection factors and a points system.

Language skills are another important factor in the selection process. You must pass the CIC recognized language tests to demonstrate your knowledge of either one of the official languages---English/French.

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