Common Mistakes People Make When Charged With A Crime

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Through movies, we learned to call our lawyers when accused of a crime or questioned by the cops. Unfortunately, this is not a default response people have when faced with charges, especially for something they have not done. On the flipside, they feel that getting a lawyer makes them look guilty, which may deter them from getting one.

However, most people are not fully equipped at understand and argue the law, so working with a lawyer is the best way to exit a legal situation unscathed. Lawyers are well-versed with the legal system and have studied how to present cases in court. Representing one’s self with limited knowledge of the rules may cause them to plead guilty, believe the wrong people, fall into traps set up by prosecutors, or maybe worse!

To help citizens avoid errors like these which could prove to be costly or even lead to a jail sentence, NLC Lawyers have put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when charged with a crime.

1. Believing the system, namely, the courts, duty counsel, and the Crown are on their side.

People don’t understand that a good criminal defense lawyer can guide them through the system with advice and strategies to help them get acquitted or achieve a result that will not taint them for the rest of their lives.

2. Pleading guilty when they are not.

When a person erroneously believes the system will help them, they make bad decisions, such as pleading guilty when they should not. They might even accept an offer or deal since it seems like a smart move although there might be alternatives.

3. Assuming that the Government lawyers, namely duty counsel will give them good advice.

Many don’t realize that the duty counsel is dealing with hundreds of cases every day and their case will not be properly analyzed with the weakness highlighted in the Crown’s case. Only independent private counsel can spend time on their case, going through the tiny details, to avoid making rash decisions.

4. Believing there is no leverage or influence in directing the outcome of their case.

With a competent and diligent defense counsel by their side, a favorable result can be achieved.

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the professionals at NLC Lawyers - criminal and immigration lawyers in Brampton, GTA, ON. We have thirty-five years of trial court experience and advocacy and have consistently provided efficient, sound, and cost-effective legal services to the public in the Greater Toronto Area. We make it a point to put the needs of our clients before everything else.

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